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Stop Checking Your Stats and Make a Post!

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So you’ve started a website, built up a good amount of pages and started ranking for a few terms and got some social traffic from various online communities you are involved in.

You’ve setup analytics on your website and can watch as people start showing up.  You end up over obsessing sometimes and check these stats while adjusting this and that to your audience’s liking.  While a great tactic for improving your landing pages, this can also become a vicious cycle of non-productive activity.

The key to improving what you get done in a day is to write down some goals for each day of the week and follow them – don’t just write them down, make these priorities.  This will create certain time brackets that you will need to adjust what you are doing to get all the things you wish in a day done.

Let’s face it, we’ve all sat there and hit refresh a few times looking for new conversions, signups, comments, emails or or any kind of activity on our websites.  This isn’t a bad thing in itself, as it gives time for consideration into the layout of your site, but there should be a set time that you do this or you should limit yourself to a few minutes here and there while you are productive in other areas of your website design, content, and promotion.

Starting a calendar of work subjects and putting it in your google calendar or some other event reminding app on your phone can really get your day going.  Without the structure of a well laid out schedule, you can get stuck in the same time consuming rut of “stat-checking” without getting much extra results.  By adding the written schedule into your arsenal, you are in effect becoming your own boss and learning wise time management techniques to increase the productivity you find in your day.

If you have writer’s block check out this post on my personal blog at Wealthy Affiliate, which by the way has all kinds of ideas for creating, and improving your website not to mention a great training section and user community to help you out in your day to day tasks.


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