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Well hi and hi again. New User Help is back in action and we’re here to help you out in any way we can. The focus of this website revolves around online wealth gathering – whether that be from websites or any means necessary. We’ve a services section now, where we are available freelance for your website and marketing projects.

You may remember us from the past when we had Computing Weekly Digest and revolved around helping people with their software and hardware problems. Now we’ve restructured our website and regained the name – deciding to cater to those who are already in the fray of website development and affiliate marketing.

You’ll be able to find on this blog all the free tips and tricks we use to promote and build websites, as well as the cutting edge in new media technologies. Make sure to bookmark and check back with us often. You can sign up for our newsletter to remind yourself about the site. Cheers and here’s to success in 2017!

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