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What Platform Should I Develop My Website On?

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Stylized WordPress SymbolSo let’s go over the common platforms you can build your website on.  WordPress, Joomla, Straight HTML/CSS, Wix.  A lot of people are under the misconception that most websites are coded straight from a HTML editor.  This is actually rarely done, and while you have a lot of control, you need to know a lot of coding to be able to keep up with the rest of the internet for online features nowadays.

Actually Joomla is a great alternative when using Content Management Systems.  It’s a bit techie in it’s details, and has a steep learning curve, but once you’ve got it figured out it turns into a great system of running a website with tons of extensions and themes to customize your site.

Another option is WordPress, and turns out to be one of the most used options for it’s easy learning curve and incredible base of customize-able plugins and themes.  If you’re just starting out in the website building world this is the best option for you as the support and user-base for WordPress is enormous.  With a little jimmy-riggin’ you will be up and running with some pretty interesting items for your users to interact with.

Another option is using a website like  This site builder offer some pretty great theme’s and an easy browser interface for writing and uploading your content.  Another option for the beginner that may be what your looking for.  Without having to worry about uploading the backend components, the user has less to manage.

All in all, the best option for you will depend on  your experience level.  Most people agree that WordPress is the #1 way to setup your site though with all it’s options and great user-base.


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